I am passionate. Perhaps I care a little too much, regardless I could not silence this burning in heart if I tried. It will make me great, I am confident about that.


Everyone deserves the right to be respected. It's easy to respect those who have mastered or in process of mastering their craft, but what about those we hardly know? I believe humility is vital to the learning process and we have the opportunity to learn from, as well as influence every single person that crosses into our existence.


I have been pushing and fighting since a kid. Being one of the smallest on my soccer team, I battled my way to the collegiate level while still nurturing my love for art and design. Many of my values were founded on the soccer field and have still resonate with me today. My work ethic is proudly one of them.


Creativity is much like a muscle, it needs to be stretched, challenged and stimulated to strengthen. My main eye candy portals are blogs, galleries, and Instagram. My hands love painting, illustration and design - all which challenge me equally.


I love to love. People are my most prized possessions because without them, my existence seems empty. I have found the love I put in - to people, my craft, my passions - is the love I get back.